Nizara TV technical solution works on SPB TV solution SPB TV is a leading provider of comprehensive TV everywhere services that deliver live and on-demand television across in-home and portable devices, including mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, and set-top-boxes. For details please visit www.spbtvsolutions.com.

Preview, picture-in-picture mode for quick browsing, and integrated TV guide makes it the perfect product for watching live TV on the go.

A Complete Content Catalog
It comes with an orgnaized content catalog by categories and languages.
Video on Demand
Video on Demand channel lets the viewer control what they view and when they want to view. Unlike broadcast TV, VOD offers greater choiceand interactivity.
Fast Channel Switching
Rich full screen TV player with finger-friendly on-screen “transparent” controls to switch channels while still watching current program.
On-Screen Control Panel
In the full-screen mode you can recall the on-screen control panel at any time by pressing the "action" button. The on-screen controls will give you quick access to the channel browsing panel, volume level controller, backlight level controller,
and the exit button.
Integrated TV Guide
Under the preview picture you can see the integrated TV guide, pressing
on it will open the full guide for the next few days of the selected channel.
Setting a Reminder
You can easily make Calendar reminder, from the TV guide, if you see an interesting show that you don’t want to miss
Preview Picture
In the channel selecting panel you can see a preview picture of a selected channel displayed in inset window to help you make a decision before opening it for watching.
Network Fluctuations Support
The best picture quality regardless of fluctuations in network bandwidth for an
exceptional viewing experience.


Our focus is to implement cutting edge communications solutions that are more economical and offer superior performance compared to conventional products. Moreover, our emphasis is on providing professional Services with a firm commitment to provide end user experience of watching TV online whether on Mobile, Tablet/PC or on connected TV’s a real pleasure.
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